Building a brand that delivers: the conference

By Jenni Bacon

We live in uncertain times. Somehow, just hearing that from former BBC economist Richard Addy yesterday was reassuring. Limitations like challenge and uncertainty can often give rise to the most creative thinking. And building or developing a brand takes creativity, commitment and bravery.  

That was the message from the latest CharityComms conference. As the sponsor, Spencer du Bois got to help design the programme.

Mark Waddington from Hope and Homes for Children gave a presentation to take your breath away, setting out his radical ambition to eradicate orphanages in our lifetime and moving the entire audience.

We're excited to be working with Hope and Homes again after we created the visual brand five years ago. Mark spoke about brand as the DNA that forms his vision and catalytic business model to raise the money needed to change the world in the not too distant future. 

And it was brilliant to hear from Ali Sanders at Macmillan on measuring your brand. If you're going to invest in your brand, why not invest in checking out how well it works? Reassuringly, Ali admitted that it's a learning journey. Her top tip? Let your strategy inform what you measure, not the other way round! 

In amongst all the excellent break-out sessions - including tone of voice, fundraising and market research on a budget - we did a little crowd-sourcing to discover what people's hopes and aspirations were for their brand with the help of our brand wish tree. 

We'll be sharing the results of that anonymous survey in the next few weeks, and the presentations from the day will be available soon. 

In the meantime, what's your brand wish for the next 12 months?