Digital brand, digital delivery

By Ben James

How often have I been asked for 'a logo file' or 'a piece of artwork with a little tweak?' 

More often than you would think! 

Traditionally you would receive a disc of content from a design agency, but there is a much more modern approach to delivering a brand and its materials. It was first done by Macmillan, and we encourage our clients to adopt a more digital approach and create an online resource or brand centre, especially when brands need to be accessed locally or regionally by lots of different people.

Brand centres enable users to securely login and download not just logos, but other materials such as advice documents, PowerPoint templates or guidelines. The other big benefit is that users can create personalised, on-brand posters, leaflets, stationery etc with the online template editor. It ensures a consistent ‘look and feel’ across materials. 

We've recently worked with Army Cadet Force and Healthwatch to deliver the benefits of a brand centre. All brands have to work across digital media - why not make it digital by default, and open up your brand to everyone who needs it?