More than a student discount

By Max du Bois

If education suffers, society suffers
Education is an issue loaded with conflict and debate. And students are bearing the brunt. Those of us who escaped without the burden of student debt look on, mostly in horror, as students face uncertainty and challenges, what with fees, employment fears and an ever more complex world.

This is the face of education today.

That’s why it’s such a pleasure to have worked with NUS on their rebrand. We helped them highlight what’s really important. Without students, education isn’t even an academic exercise. And NUS doesn’t just think about students. They know students. They are students. And they’re challenging the student stereotype at every turn.

With their driving ambition, their firebrand energy and their pragmatically provocative nature, this is an organisation not to be messed with.

Students driving change
7 million student voices strong, NUS is a movement.They want to make sure students can thrive - whoever and wherever they are. They want to help them shape the future of education - and in doing so, create a better world.

Working with NfP Synergy, we’ve worked with NUS over the last eighteen months to uncover what really counts to create the brand messages and visual brand that will champion students.

From undergraduates, to students in further education to those on part-time courses, NUS is by students, with students, from students unions.

More than the extra card
NUS is a complex organisation that stretches across nations, a charity and a well respected business services arm. Taken together, they are a force and we worked with them, from the inside out, to create a brand that would deepen all their audiences’ understanding, helping them move beyond the double-edge sword of the ubiquitous NUS extra card.

We’ve given an iconic organisation a much needed make-over and a powerful way to harness and direct all their activities. In these noisy times, coherence, understanding and engagement is everything.

Beautiful brands that work
The brand is now more relevant for the students of today. It matches their strength, energy and confidence. It will take NUS into the future and allow them to do their essential work - from supporting students day to day to pushing for change at the highest levels. Creating brands like these is what gets me up in the morning. It’s why, at Spencer du Bois, we do what we do.

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