Simply amazing

By Max du Bois

This is for anyone who has to deal with people who doubt the impact brand has for membership or third sector organisations, and to highlight the great work done by the NUS team.

When we started working with NUS their brand was ill-defined, incoherent, invisible and ineffective.

A year after launch and things couldn't be more different.

Toni Pearce, the President, captures it perfectly...

“Our new brand has made a massive difference to the way NUS is viewed by our key audiences. We’ve had brilliant feedback from our member unions and partners in the third sector, but perhaps the biggest impact has been on how we view ourselves. The process we went through on the journey to our new brand has required a lot of soul searching on our part, and as a result we feel like we’ve finally achieved an identity that matches who we are, and what we’re trying to achieve in the world".

And the figures bear this out. Here is the tip of the iceberg:

- web visits up 39%

- twitter engagement up 96%

- awareness of NUS from their student audience has increased to 97% 

- Net Promoter Score has increased amongst students by 36%, and amongst third sector stakeholders from the already high +47 to +50

- 'negative’ and ‘Very negative’ sentiment from the general public decreased greatly from 37% to 4%  

- staff identify more closely with NUS values than ever before

- 640,000 NUS Extra cards have been sold this year, a huge jump of 17%

NUS are now using the brand to underpin the next strategic plan, that will form the crux of their work for the next four years.

The NUS team have taken the brand we built together and used it to propel the organisation forward, and invigorate all their activities. A great brand, a great NUS team and breathtaking results.