A three part series on stakeholder engagement in the university sector - University Business

By Max du Bois

University Business is running a three-part insight piece by our director Max, on digital and stakeholder engagement in the university sector.

Part one - 'The state of things' - this article explores five states of university brands in a digital world, and the threat of becoming faceless when they lack differentation. Moving up the scale, we go from a passive 'business as usual' state, to using digital as an opportunity to engage with stakeholders and co-produce university brands.

Read part one here.

Part two - 'Aiming for the apex of engagement' - this article addresses the power of sourcing brand ambassadors, and the ineffectiveness of constantly playing catch up and trying to influence reputation on every social platform.

Read part two here.

Part three - 'Digital maturity needs brand coherence' - this article emphasises that in order to achieve true digital maturity and engage effectively with your stakeholders, you need brand coherence in the first place.

Read part three here.