We're an award winning team with over 20 years experience of working with brave, passionate clients who we believe in.

An excitable, passionate, talented, furiously dedicated, opinionated bunch of creatives, strategists and brand experts.

Claire Biscard

Claire brings both style and substance to the studio. She works with brave, passionate clients who have a vision and is never afraid to ask those awkward questions. Claire believes in creating beautiful brands that take you on a journey, that challenge and fight for your big ambitions.


Max du Bois

Max hates the bland, indifferent and ineffective. His work, over the last 20 years, has built inspiring brands for people who are changing the world. He challenges organisations to speak louder, set examples and raise the bar even higher. He is our boundless source of energy, often bursting into the studio after his two hour morning dog walk.


David Rivett

David helps SdB with his external wisdom and experience. His input from over 30 years in branding, helping run and grow big agencies like Wolff Olins, Fitch and Design Bridge helps us to match and sometimes outpace far larger agencies.

Dean Reilly

After a two year gap travelling the world and working down-under, Dean has rejoined the SdB team, bringing with him an abundance of creativity and passion. When he isn't designing, you can often find him modelling in our brand presentations. 

Jenni Bacon

Jenni helps organisations discover what their audiences think of them, define their core messages and determine their strategy to achieve the change they want. Buckets of empathy, research skills in spades and a curiously analytical mind, she also sings like a bird and writes half-decent poetry. Analyse that. 


Kerry White

Kerry brings a passion for design and is a firm believer that design can make all aspects of life better. With over 10 years of experience transforming brands, Kerry brings enthusiasm for design that delivers a positive social impact. When she isn’t creating brands, Kerry is found at home in the kitchen, designing her next cake extravaganza!

Lindsay Butcher

Lindsay’s career in creative digital strategy has covered many a sector: from automotive to technology, and from charity to education. He draws upon his rock-solid foundation of cross-channel marketing and advertising experience to challenge “dullness” wherever it may be. Lindsay is a committed crafter of brand behaviours and tones that speak powerfully to the audiences that matter, and when Lindsay isn’t running projects, you’ll find him running up a Kentish hill.

Lucy McLaren

Lucy joined SdB from an anti-trafficking charity earlier in 2019. With experience both agency and client side across Europe and Australasia, her approach is the same - uncovering the insights that matter, so brands can connect with their audience. It's about asking the right questions, keeping an eye on the changing consumer landscape, and partnering with client and creative teams to tell brand stories effectively. Whenever there's an opportunity to travel, she'll take it, or gain a fresh perspective on how to drive social change as a volunteer.