Animal Free Research UK

Compassion for animals, commitment to medical research

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Dr Hadwen Trust believes medical testing on animals is cruel, and research shows results of these tests aren’t as useful as they could be. So they fund research into alternatives, uncovering groundbreaking science that redefines medical research. All without the use of animals.

But the old name was holding them back. ‘Dr Hadwen Trust’, had a great story but wasn’t clear enough when reaching out to new people. They needed to engage both scientists and animal lovers, to help them achieve their vision.


How we helped

We joined the dots and distilled their restless energy into a new brand positioning. With new messages behind them, it was time to look at the name. Testing with their audiences, the descriptive Animal Free Research UK leapt ahead of the pack.

‘Animal free’ lights up the eyes of animal rights supporters, whilst the strong connection to research wins over the hearts and minds of research scientists.

Animal Free Research UK’s bright and positive campaigning visual identity brings all this work to life. The liberation of animals at the heart of the brand amplifies the new name and positioning. It cements the charity’s role in promoting the power of science and technology to replace animals in medical research.

Our new brand is fresh, innovative and ground-breaking – just like the work we’re doing to replace animals in medical research. Our new brand will make it much easier to communicate this mission to supporters and support the growth we need.

Emma Wrafter, Development Director