Association for Art History

Art history: think differently, see differently


Two Silver Transform 2019 Awards:

Best visual identity by a charity

Best strategic or creative development

of a new brand

Income has increased by 49%

They listened, heard and did their jobs brilliantly

Claire Davies, Deputy Chief Executive & Communications

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Association of Art Historians wasn't reflecting the exciting nature of the subject it was so passionate about. It had become lackluster and perceived to be reserved for intimidating professional art historians. It needed to be the champion for art history and the people who are impassioned about the value it can bring to understanding our identity and culture.

How we helped

When we connect art with insight it helps us to think differently and see differently – this was at the heart of the new Association for Art History's new brand and name.

The foundational shapes of our visual brand and the way they interact represent the bringing together of different art forms and the art history community. The design speaks of inclusivity, curiosity and embracing difference.

A contemporary brand that shines a light on why art history plays such an important role in helping people to understand and connect with the past, as well as shaping the future. It appeals to not just art historians but anyone involved in visual culture.