Biochemical Society

The future of biosciences

What was keeping them 
awake at night?

Biochemistry plays a vital role in solving some of the world’s largest challenges. The Biochemical Society and its subsidiary publisher Portland Press are embracing changes in the landscape where collaboration is vital and lines between academia and industry are blurring. But they had trouble describing their relationship, and their visual brands were way out of step with how they were viewed.

How we helped

In a crowded sector, the Biochemical Society's new brand carves out its place as home of the biosciences community, championing the science's value and relevance.

Defining Portland Press's role in the dissemination of knowledge and the competitively unique reinvestment of their profits into advancing the life sciences, helped them both broaden their market and strengthen the society's standing.

The new brand is a bold representation

of our diverse and vibrant community

Professor Sir David Baulcombe - President