Serving coffee and second chances

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Ex-offenders are consistently let down and stigmatised by our society. Brewbird think that it’s time this changed.

They came to us with a vision. By training ex-offenders as baristas they challenge preconceptions, giving people confidence and a valuable skill that is constantly in demand. They wanted a brand that flew the flag for these unique and powerful beliefs.

How we helped

Co-creating with the Brewbird team, we built messages to sit at the core of this social enterprise, and developed a visual identity that shouts to the rafters about what they believe in.

Their flexible, energetic character represents the energy, quirkiness, and imagination of the organisation, and sets them apart from anyone else in their space. Equipped with a brand that tells their story, it’s time for Brewbird to really soar.

They captured what Brewbird is really all about

Jonathan Smith, Social Enterprise Manager