British Pharmacological Society

Re-establishing relevance to champion the scientific discipline of pharmacology.

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Pharmacology is a crucial part of many sciences. But the British Pharmacological Society’s outdated brand was stifling its potential to unleash the power of the scientific discipline.

The society needed to re-establish its vital relevance, to champion pharmacology worldwide and communicate its nature as a forward-thinking and progressive society.

How we helped

The brand is inspired by the society’s collaborative style. It centres on the active use of pharmacology and the sharing of knowledge in the wider science, health, academia and business industries.

Two groups of hexagons, a commonly occurring shape in the pharmacology discipline, fuse together to create a strengthened community.

Our new look is the result of a great deal of thought, consultation with interested members and partner organisations, and detailed planning.

Professor Humphrey Rang, President