Fight for Sight

A new brand to spark revelation and to ignite a revolution

What was keeping them awake at night?

There are over two million people across the UK facing sight loss. This number is set to double.

Our science is at a tipping point, with treatments and breakthroughs paving the way for a revolution in preventing, treating and even reversing sight loss. But with less than 1% of the sector's income going to research, more investment is needed or we'll never see an end to sight loss.

The hurdle: many people don't believe that sight loss can be prevented or cured, and many people just don't connect with the cause.

How we helped

The new brand breathes humanity into science by placing emotion, warmth and life-transforming impact at its heart. Showcasing the charity’s transformational achievements and emerging breakthroughs challenges misperceptions and builds credibility with a sceptical public.

The cause is personalised by positioning those benefiting from treatments and the scientists who created them together, and inviting the donor in to be a central part of ‘their’ fight for sight.  

It’s a brand to bring together the bright minds with more big hearts to win the fight for sight.

We want to put sight loss on the map – to show the personal impact of sight loss and the possibility of science to make a difference. Our new identity gives us a great platform to start shouting about the fantastic developments in eye research

Sherine Krause, Chief Executive