Healthcare Infection Society

The experts in preventing healthcare infections

What was keeping them awake at night?

Despite ‘superbugs’ often making the headlines, infection control still battles to reach the top of a crowded healthcare agenda.

As a membership body, Healthcare Infections Society fund research, publish journals and provide training. The brand was not conveying the breadth or importance of the vital services they provide.

How we helped

We helped Healthcare Infection Society carve out its space, establishing their authority as the experts in, pioneering, world leading science and effective practice that’s preventing healthcare infections.

Inspired by connections and collaborations Healthcare Infection Society’s new visual brand is agile, animated and dynamic, reflecting the sharing of ideas and it’s pioneering research.


Membership increased by 24% in the year following the rebrand. Across 2018/19, conference attendance has more than doubled and their ‘impact factor’ has improved from 3.126 to 3.354.