As they worked to shake up health and social care in England, we helped two Government departments build a powerful brand from the ground up.

The best examples of stakeholder insights I’ve seen.

Nigel Thompson, Head of Equality and Diversity, CQC

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Creating a national consumer champion for health and social care. Giving ordinary people a say in how services run in their area. Reaching beyond ‘the usual suspects’ in every English locality. Could this major government initiative launch to a backdrop of enthusiasm instead of cynicism?

How we helped

Our co-creative process defined a strategy that puts the concepts of ‘voice’ and ‘champion’ at the heart of the Healthwatch brand. Over six months, we refined the positioning, gathered insights from across the country, and reached out to over 600 people, including those who are often excluded. Our identity captures the essence of the brand. And our comprehensive brand centre ensures Healthwatch connects on every level from national policy circles to local GP waiting rooms.


100% local take-up of the brand by local Healthwatch organisations.