Humanists UK

Overcoming misperceptions to champion a world

where tolerant thinking and kindness prevail

What was keeping them a wake at night?

Despite sharing the same views and wanting the same changes, many felt that The British Humanist Association was not for them.

Misperceptions, misunderstandings and a dislike of labels had stalled membership growth, stifled campaign support and impeded the use of potentially popular services.

How we helped?

Research uncovered that Humanism felt like just another religion and a dated look made the organisation appear too stuffy and academic. The brand lacked relevance.

Unpacking the organisation’s role in advancing freethinking, and freedom of choice, so everyone can live in a fair and equal society, helped to shatter their previously unappealing label. The new brand messages reach into the hearts and minds of non-religious people who want to develop their own views and understanding of the world around them.

By reimagining the ‘happy human’ (the global symbol of Humanism) we created a figure for the future. Humanism should look open minded, with curiosity, individuality and inclusivity sitting at the centre of the new brand.


Since the launch, May 2017, the new brand has helped provide the platform to secure the highest ever number of members and supporters: 70,000, an increase of 34.5%