Putting a hidden environmental issue on the map

What was keeping them awake at night?

Did you know: methane is actually 84 times more damaging for the environment than carbon dioxide in the short term? Yet it’s not really talked about.

In response, the Rocky Mountain Institute and SYSTEMIQ have come together to introduce a certification aimed at rapidly reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

The certification not only needed a name, but a brand to put it on the map and ensure methane emissions don’t remain the hidden, un-talked about environmental issue.

How we helped

First, we developed a name: Methane Intelligence or MiQ for short. Fit for a certification set to level the playing field across the oil and gas sector.

MiQ are now setting the standard for methane emissions abatement thanks to a brand identity that stands out against a sea of corporate blue. 

Created from scratch, the new identity illustrates focus, clarity, change and reduction. It's inspired by the ambition of reduced emissions and cleaner environments via voluntary action. It’s an active demonstration of their environmental commitment though harm reduction.

We brought the brand to life through animation and have implemented across digital, social media and campaign materials.

A masterpiece in orchestration. We are full of praise for the new identity and website.

Stuart MacKay, MiQ