Changing the lives of people

through the power of housing

What was keeping them
awake at night?

In a world where many housing providers put their business needs ahead of their customers, Amicus Horizon and Viridian Housing wanted to create a housing association that put their residents at the heart of how they design and deliver affordable housing and support services.

How we helped

To enable the new organisation to achieve its socially focused mission, we created a new brand and visual identity and the name Optivo that promotes their desire to invest in people and their futures.

The brand is built around the vision of putting people first, giving residents a voice, listening and working together to go further. The interconnected structure acknowledges the power of the individual and their role in building stronger communities and brighter futures.

Great feedback from the board and the residents consulting group. In fact there was general love in the room.

Kate Dodsworth, Executive Director People & Strategy