Transforming the future of children

and children’s services

‘‘You energised us and came back with fresh thinking and a fresh set of ideas. I just don’t know how you did it.’’

Kate Briant, Partner, CapVest Partners

What was keeping them awake at night?

The educational outcomes and life chances for many children in care and fostering are significantly lower than their peers. Core Assets, one of the UK's largest children's services providers, are determined to change this.

Their brand unfortunately failed to support this mission and capture the organisations ambitions. And a 'hotch potch’ brand architecture prevented them from leveraging collective strengths and growth opportunities. 

How we helped

Rebranded as Polaris‘a constellation of individual stars that act as guiding lights’.  Polaris is a community of children's care providers creating a revolution in children's lives and children’s services.

Each individual subsidiary kept their name and the valuable local reputations their work had built. The key equities in their visual brands were evolved and updated into a shared, coherent unifying style.

Polaris can now grow its business by effectively leveraging its individual providers' reputations for safety, stability and innovation. The local 'hero' brands continue to engage local stakeholders, their reputations amplified by the link to the wider national Polaris community.