Because accidents don't have to happen.

What was keeping them
awake at night?

More than 14,000 people die each year in the UK from accidents and countless more suffer needlessly from things that they could have avoided.

RoSPA wants to shift the mindset of the public to help people realise that accidents don't have to happen.

To do this they needed to step away from their image as the ‘health and safety police’.

How we helped

RoSPA's goal is to build a nationwide movement of inspired individuals committed to reducing life-changing accidents.

A total revolution of both the visual and verbal identity has given RoSPA the engaging brand it needs to faciltate the sharing of knowledge that saves lives.

Our new brand captures the complexity of this communications challenge, and rewards us all with the idea of sharing knowledge and wisdom. Accidents don’t have to happen.

Tom Mullarkey, Chief Executive