Royal Trinity Hospice

Challenging taboos around dying

What was keeping them awake at night?

Despite being the oldest hospice in the country and much loved by those who have experienced their outstanding care. Royal Trinity Hospice was not well known across the area they served. A dated and lackluster identity also hindered their ability to cut through the noise.

In response, the board recognised the need to grow fundraising to reach more people who need their support.

How we helped  

From the moment we stepped through the doors the sense of positivity, strength and calm really hit home. With the new brand we’ve captured that unique personality.

The theme “every moment matters” is the at the heart of the new brand and runs through everything the hospice does. The logo is inspired both by their stunning gardens and multiple streams of expert support, coming together to wrap around each patient, and genuinely help them 'live every moment to the last'.

“We are thrilled with the brand Spencer du Bois has developed. They have listened closely to the staff, patients and volunteers at Trinity and gone the extra mile to really get under the skin of the organisation. We’re delighted with the result.”

Dallas Pounds, Chief Executive