Bringing hope to life with the life affirming power of human connection


Logo recognition is up at 47%

Online income has increased 262%

Social media reach has expanded 42%

What was keeping them awake at night?

Every 90 minutes someone ends their life. Samaritans believe that every life lost to suicide is a tragedy. As part of a bold new strategy, they wanted to broaden their reach, moving beyond the ‘crisis point’ helpline to develop new tools that help people when they’re struggling to cope, before they reach rock bottom. 

Despite having high levels of awareness and trust, Samaritans were increasingly seen as less and less relevant, especially by younger audiences. Samaritans needed to reassert their role and relevance.

How we helped

Using co-creation and research to understand the needs of their vastly different audiences, we developed a brand to drive engagement through the life affirming power of human connection to bring hope to life. Whoever you are, whatever you’re facing, a Samaritan will face it with you.

'Connection' flows throughout every detail of the brand: from the connector graphic in the logo, to the layering of the system and the openness of the language. The system grows and expands, building a flexible, ever changing kit of parts that engages with every audience.

Our updated brand puts us in a great position going forwards to engage with wider audiences around the breadth of what we do, whilst staying true to our essence of human connection and the importance of telling real people’s stories in their own words.

Paul McDonald, Executive Director of External Affairs