Send a Cow

Because where there is land there is hope

An Africa-forward challenger brand that’s about changing all perceptions of what is possible

Paul Stuart, Chief Executive

What was keeping them awake at night 

What do you do when you have successfully built a brand that puts a certain black and white farm animal at the centre of your story, but your work is so much more than that? With 80% of staff based in countries across East Africa, the brand was feeling narrow and inauthentic. Combined with generic 'development sector' communications, it hid Send a Cow's true spirit, holding back their ability to attract supporters and grow.

How we helped 

In a crowded sector dominated by big brands, Send a Cow’s approach sets them apart. They believe that rural Africa's future is bright, that 'where's there's land there's hope'. Their unique approach unlocks the power of self-belief and supports communities to develop their own 'African designed' solutions.  Drawing on insight from current and potential supporters, we put the sheer joy of their approach front and centre - not just paying lip service to the idea of empowered African communities, but celebrating that reality through the diversity and energy of the new brand design.