Swansea University

Climbing the QS rankings

What was keeping them awake at night?

The QS World University Rankings is an annual publication that shows how good top researchers think universities are. They have a direct impact on multiple business factors, including funding, attracting partners, postgraduate and international student recruitment.  

Swansea University stood at 462. Their team felt this didn’t reflect the reality of their research outputs and were fearful that without a campaign to promote this, they would drop out of the crucial top 500 all together.

How we helped

We worked with Swansea to identify the central organising theme that makes them the emerging force in research. Swansea University operate in the gaps left by traditional research institutions, combining previously unexplored approaches to define and accelerate emerging areas that will change our lives.  

Swansea University are about making space for new ideas to grow.

They believe great things happen when ideas collide. Our campaign was inspired by creative collaboration, breaking boundaries, ground breaking research, sparking ideas and a kaleidoscope of innovation, with the design visually juxtaposing research images and the human story.