A digital first brand that fully expresses the

‘space to teach’ in its many formats


20% year on year growth

What was keeping them awake at night?

Tes was first published in 1910 as a pull out supplement in the Times newspaper. Despite a proud heritage, Tes recognised the need for innovation, and the drastically changing lives of teachers and education.

Tes offer advice, assets and materials, as well as opportunities and communities for teachers.  The aim of these services is to free up teachers to focus on what matters the most – changing lives through education. Tes needed an agile brand to accurately represent this.

How we helped?

We were engaged to lead research, formulate strategy and create a value proposition for all their channels. The new brand we created for Tes needed to be digital first, capturing and conveying their future direction: a community guided, customer focused, and digitally advanced partner for all in teaching.  

Tes’ digital first brand fully expresses the ‘space to teach’ in it’s many different formats. It’s distinctive and flexible, changing it’s tone for different audiences and collateral, behaving in an organic way that’s always growing and evolving.

Thanks for all your passion and guidance

Tom Glover, Communications Director