ActionAid, Stop Corporate Abuse

We helped prompt the biggest shake up of financial industry regulation in 150 years with this campaign.

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Some companies take their corporate social responsibility very seriously but many ‘green wash' to hide unethical practices. And while good deeds are proclaimed at head office, a blind eye can be turned to much less humanitarian activities in the far reaches of global operations. ActionAid wanted to expose the hypocrites and change the law to require independent verification of activities.

How we helped

To help ActionAid achieve their aim, we brought together a number of disparate activities, from mass marches to lobbying reports. We created a campaign identity based on the logos of the companies who were the target of the campaign. The ransom note style suited the tone of the campaign and we developed a range of engagement tools for use across the globe.

A stunning lobbying victory.

Financial Times