Check the Label

A campaign that set the record straight for the young people of Lambeth.

One of the most creative social issues campaigns I've seen for a long while.

David Rose, Head of Marketing


39% change in opinions of young people in Lambeth.

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Despite crime falling for six years in a row in Lambeth, research highlighted a high fear of crime and an irrational fear of young people. Yet fewer than 3% of Lambeth's young people were involved in any trouble. This media-fuelled criminalisation of youth was dividing the neighbourhood and ironically, starting to drive young people to crime.

How we helped 

Our campaign was about dispelling the myths. It featured Lambeth teenagers who are positive role models in their community. The adverts urged local people to ‘check the label’ and reconsider the media-fueled stereotypes. A dedicated microsite contained information on local programmes and the support available for young people.