Army Cadet Force

The new website harnesses the enthusiasm and energy of the ACF, attracting record numbers of adult volunteers and provides an individual focus for each of the 1,700 detachments.

Since the launch we’ve seen a significant uplift in web traffic with cadet and adult enquiries.

Terese Boyes, Marketing and Communications Officer


Web traffic up 65.34%

Adult joining requests up 30%

Adult enquiry follow up from 44% to 80%

What was keeping them
awake at night?

With cadet numbers at a record high, and rising, Army Cadet Force needed a more effective website to help attract and recruit more adult volunteers. The ACF also wanted a structure that allowed all their 1700 local detachments to have their own community focused presence.

How we helped

Research helped us unlock the key to recruitment.  It also uncovered how important the ACF was for troubled youngsters, providing a place where they are believed in and encouraged to succeed. The new look and feel harness the unbridled enthusiasm of the cadets and their instructors, and the excitement, enjoyment and the rewards of getting involved.