Recovery Focus

A group brand to represent the collective ambition of Richmond Fellowship and its partners - inspiring individual recovery nationwide.

What was keeping them
awake at night?

Mental health and substance misuse are on the move. With more awareness people are starting to wake up to these most unseen of illnesses.

Richmond Fellowship saw an opportunity. They’re bringing together like-minded organisations to build a national group big enough to change how the UK treats complex needs. But they needed a brand that could represent their collective ambition. That brand is Recovery Focus.

How we helped

Richmond Fellowship’s distinctive ‘Sparky’ identity stands out in this sector.

Working with the group it became obvious that evolution, rather than revolution, was the order of the day.  We took the best from the existing identity to create a flexible, living brand that showcases the work of each member, whilst helping them speak as one.

It’s time for Recovery Focus to take the stage and inspire individual recovery nationwide. 

We have a clear, strong brand to build our national profile.

Joanna Kowalski, Group Head of Marketing and Communication